Hildegard von Bingen – Canticles Of Ecstasy

The medieval music ensemble Sequentia created what I think are the most enjoyable renditions of the music of Hildegard von Bingen. I’m currently listening to Canticles of Ecstasy, one of nine albums of von Bingen’s music recorded by Sequentia. I reviewed her book Scivias in a previous blog post.

From Sequentia’s Hildegard von Bingen Project, describing the complete nine-album set:

“Anyone who has sung her music knows that it counts among the most sublime, virtuosic and demanding vocal repertoires ever created. “It is said that you are raised to Heaven, that much is revealed to you, that you bring forth great writings, and discover new manners of song…” wrote Master Odo of Paris in 1148. Then, as now, Hildegard was admired for fearlessly exploring the soul’s place in the cosmos and giving it voice through her unique musical vision.”